About the designer. 


GIULIANA LEILA - raised as a first generation Italian in both Boston, Massachusetts and Falmouth, Maine, Giuliana has always shown self expression whether through dance, visual art, or design. As the granddaughter of Palmira Giglia, owner of Settebello boutique in Boston & knitwear designer of the coveted Vacarro Turtlenecks (circa 1960s-early 90s), it was only a matter of time until she followed the legacy. 


In 2008, Giuliana moved to New York to begin her studies at Parsons School of Design, and in 2010 completed the knitwear program at Central Saint Martins in London. After graduating in 2012 with a BFA in Fashion Design and the award of "Designer of the Year" in Childrenswear, Giuliana developed her own line "Giuliana Leila" for Anthropologie, under Linda Trau's Studio. 


Through her studies, work experiences with various NY labels (including Calvin Klein, Tess Giberson, Alexander Wang, etc.), travel, and dedicated yoga practice, Giuliana has developed her individual aesthetic in design; finding a balance between the tradition of craft and innovations of the future - the common thread woven through her work. 

 - - - 


Recently, Giuliana has teamed up with Kristine Salviejo in developing a knit studio & jewelry venture - Para Dys - offering consulting, concept development services, and machine knitting textile classes in Brooklyn, Los Angeles,  & Berlin.


g i u    g i u   | joo-joo |  is the creative vision of Giuliana Leila Raggiani.          


                     With a nostalgic point of view, it is a product of a unique lifestyle; the conceptual “world”

                     that Giuliana daydreams about regularly. 


                                           Inspired by simplicity of natural textures, collage, travel and  exploration, giu giu is a knitwear-

                                           focused label conveying the playful humor and offbeat freedom that life should embody, 


                                                                                          despite one’s age or gender.